How To Use DTOGenerator?

  1. Download the latest release from the "Downloads" tab. You can download the full source code or the binary files only. this instruction are related to the binary files option.
  2. Extract the ZIP archive. (For example, to c:\DTOGenerator)
  3. Go to the "bin" directory in your solution, where by default the output assemblies are. copy the full path to the assembly that contain the LINQ to SQL Data Classes or the ADO.NET Entity Framework (For Example: c:\app\bin\debug\dal.dll)
  4. Open cmd and write: "c:\DTOGenerator\DTOGenerator.exe" "c:\app\bin\debug\dal.dll" c:\output
  5. Press ENTER and then copy the generated files (in this example from c:\output) to your solution. For each entity/data class object, a new DTO class will be created.
In this example, c:\DTOGenerator\DTOGenerator.exe is the path for the DTOGenerator executable file (part of the ZIP archive), c:\app\bin\debug\dal.dll is the path of your assembly and c:\output is the directory where the generated classes will be saved.

After you created the classes, you probably want to see some Code Examples of using the DTO's.

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